The Chain Gang

Of Electric Bikes


O, not that kind of chain gang!

This is a gang of electric bike and e-bike conversion kit suppliers who believe that powering an electric bike through the chain is a more efficient  way than the more prevalent hub-drive.

Driving the chain rather than driving the wheel via a hub motor permits the rider (in most cases) to change gears, a feature not possible with a hub-drive system. However, there are some chain-drives, like the Neovelox, (See a later page) that are single speed.  When riding most  chain-drive systems, if you want to climb a hill or buck a head wind, you can go to a lower gear. If you want more speed on the flats, you change to a higher gear, just as you would do if you were pedaling a

conventional bike. The motors are mounted at the bottom bracket, rather than on the wheel, so are  often referred to as “mid-drives.” Suppliers claim that this positioning, with its lower center of gravity, results in a better handling bike.

On the following pages you will find four complete bikes with chain-drive systems. Some of these also offer kits that make it possible  to convert a bike of your choice.  You will find three kits illustrated at the end of this section.

 Please Note: EBM has not road reviewed any of   these chain drive systems.  All information is   that provided by the suppliers.

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