The Golden Motor

On a Rear Wheel

Note: This is the Golden Motor Version #2

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Editor’s Note

Despite the many fine, innovative, and desirable features of all Golden Motors,  unfortunately, service is sometime less than desirable. In fairness, though, we should point out that it is not because GM doesn’t care. It is simply impossible to service a motor in the USA when you are thousands of miles away in China. Consequently, EBM strongly recommends that if you purchase a  Golden Motor–or any other manufacturer’s kit–that you do so from a dealer located in the USA. We don’t know them all, but if you are in the Los Angeles  area consider contacting distributor Billy Chen at located in Irvine, CA. Or Long Beach Electric bikes in Long Beach, CA. They know Golden Motors inside and out, and EBM  highly recommends them.

Above: Diamondback before conversion. Below: After having installed a rear hub  Golden Motor.


ook boss. No speed  controller!

When you have unboxed as many  e-bike motors as we have, you get in the habit of looking for that separate box containing the speed controller. But with the Golden Motor, there aint none.  Actually, it does have a speed controller, but the Golden Motors are unique in that they conceal the controller inside the motor. See photo on the next page.  This offers a couple of advantages. One, you don’t have to figure out where to hang it on the bike. And two, you avoid having that maze

By Bill Spencer

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